Principal Investigator

Lanping Amy Sung

Dr. Lanping Amy Sung
Department of Bioengineering, and
Center for Molecular Genetics

Department of Bioengineering 0412
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0412

Tel: 858.534.5250
Fax: 858.534.5722


National Taiwan University, B.S., 1971, Phytopathology & Entymology
College of William and Mary, M.A., 1974, Biology
Columbia University, M.Ph., 1980, Human Genetics and Development
Columbia University, Ph.D., 1982, Human Genetics and Development

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Key Publications

Sung, L.A. and Vera, C.: Protofilament and Hexagon: A 3-D mechanical model for the junctional complex in the erythrocyte membrane skeleton. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 31:1314-1326, 2003.

Sung, L.A.: Molecular basis of cell membrane mechanics. In Introduction to Bioengineering. World Scientific Publishing Co., Ltd., Ch9: pg.217, 2001

Sung, L.A., Gao, K.-M., Yee, L.J., Temm-Grove, C.J., Helfman, D.M., Lin, J. -J. C., and Mehrpouryan, M.: Tropomyosin isoform 5b is expressed in human erythrocytes: Implications of tropomodulin-TM5 or tropomodulin-TM5b complexes in the protofilament and hexagonal organization of membrane skeletons. Blood 95:1473-1480, 2000.

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